my name's Chandler but that's not important. go look at Marcus Mumford.

Earlier in the day when I ask Mumford if he has any surprises for the photoshoot, his pleasingly camp reply is: ‘Well, I’ve got a bikini on underneath.’ And after six weeks spent in each other’s pockets, the band are still remarkably close, hugging and mugging for the camera. But ‘Marky’ (everyone calls him ‘Marky’) is inescapably the leader. When asked ‘Who’s the tallest?’ he quickly replies, ‘I am.’ His manner is that of the Fonz doing an impression of a spoiled child. He’s patently not the tallest.” 

I can’t freaking explain how happy this makes me. 

because Marcus is stupid and needs to feel important and needs to feel like the leader and needs to be in charge and dammit I fucking love that

because he’s human and has his own set of faults and that makes me love him and admire him even more

wow he’s just so amazing. Marky the stupid adorable little leader 

dammit I just really love him 

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